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Seth & Jennifer’s Engagement Portraits: Times Square to Grand Central…
June 22, 2012, 2:37 am
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Seth & Jennifer are getting married at Housing Works Bookstore this fall, and for their engagement portraits we decided on a walk from Times Square (for the color and city vibes) and through Bryant Park over to end our session at Grand Central Station.  It was dicey weather– at one point early on in Times Square it started to rain and then changed it’s mind– luckily before we had totally disbanded and rescheduled!  The rest of the evening was dry and delightful.  I just love Jennifer’s smile– and so does Seth– he is great at making her laugh, they really have a sweet chemistry going on that was a joy to shoot.  Check out my favorites from the shoot!

The Wedding of Sarah & Kris: Notre Dame, Frelinghuysen Arboretum, and Meadow Wood Manor
June 11, 2012, 11:25 pm
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Sarah & Kris couldn’t be a more picture perfect couple. I booked their wedding from afar– Sarah & Kris live in Seattle but  they planned their wedding to happen in her parents’ church, Notre Dame in North Caldwell, New Jersey.  Normally I meet with clients in person before a wedding, both for a consultation and for the engagement session, so I was delighted to meet these two and find them to be absolutely sweet together– and I was blown away by the gorgeous dress Sarah picked out from Lea-Ann Belter!  I arrived early with Zack and we split up to shoot bridal details and Sarah’s makeup and hair– the artist, Magda Nyitray, was finished early, which was lucky, as Sarah ended up needing a bridesmaid to do a little sewing-fix for a broken hook-and-eye. You simply cannot plan too much cushion time in your wedding day for unexpected situations like this! I can always fill extra time with more pictures, after all… after their lovely church ceremony the wedding party and family units and us all drove over for a round of group pictures at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum… having completed the family groups and wedding party we let them all head to the reception at Meadow Wood Manor while Zack and I finished up with a quick set of couple portraits (which I’m so pleased with!)  Cocktail hour was just getting under way when we arrived and the rest of the night was extremely well-orchestrated.  I’ve got to hand it to Meadow Wood Manor, they run a tight ship, and it shows in the service.  I have thought for years that everyone would be better served if the guests and photographers were fed simultaneously, so that we’re fed and finished by the time the toasts or parent dances commence– which usually happens right as we’re being told that our dinner is ready in some other room.  Unfortunately most venues feed the photographers and other vendors ‘after the guests’ as though they’re worried they’ll run out of food or something… but it makes for a really rushed scarfing-down of a plate of food, and meanwhile as the guests eat of course there’s very little for us to do but go around and shoot table portraits of folks who really don’t want to be photographed with food in their mouths… Anyhow this is the first and only venue I’ve ever been to that employed this timing, which was, as predicted, totally effective and awesome!  So Kudos to Meadow Wood Manor!  I was also impressed with their extensive desert bar spreads, which complemented the wedding cake by Gourmet Touch Bakery.   Nothing can make or break a wedding quite like the reception music, and we had some amazing dance floor action thanks to the fabulous Hank Lane Band.  I have never seen a groom so successfully dip a bride– and so FAR down low to the ground!  You could tell these two both love to go dancing, and so do a lot of their friends and family.  What a pleasure to capture this wedding!  Thanks and congratulations to Sarah & Kris!

The Wedding of Sarah & Kris: Notre Dame, Frelinghuysen Arboretum, and Meadow Wood Manor from Sarah Tew Photography on Vimeo.

Johanna & Greg’s Engagement Portraits at Gantry State Park in Long Island City
June 8, 2012, 12:57 pm
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Johanna & Greg are a sweet newly engaged couple I booked for their fall wedding up in Beacon, NY, which will take place at the very exciting Roundhouse at Beacon Falls,  a totally *brand new* venue that sounds absolutely fantastic.  The place isn’t even finished or open yet as far as I can tell, the visuals on their site are mostly drawings rather than photos, and construction is still finishing up from what I understand.  Maybe I can provide them with some sweet shots from the wedding to use on their site!  For this engagement session we toyed with several ideas and then settled on meeting up in Long Island City and walking down to the water where Gantry State Park offers some of the best views of midtown manhattan, in addition to all kinds of pretty trees, grass, and a very relaxing atmosphere.  I loved this magenta top and the cute sandals Johanna picked to wear– it really pops and I fun playing with color tones when I was processing.   These two are so obviously in love it was a really sweet session– I will never tire of capturing love like this.  Congratulations, Johanna & Greg!  I can’t wait for your wedding!

Sarah & Jaime’s Wedding at Maplewood Country Club
June 5, 2012, 12:17 pm
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Sarah and Jaime got married at Maplewood Country Club on a beautiful (if a big humid and hot) day in late May.  They had a big, beautiful wedding party– all dressed in tuxes and white gowns– and what a party they brought!  “The more the merrier” proved true indeed, as this was one of the wildest receptions I’ve seen of late– lots of crazy enthusiastic dancing here, in no small part because the band Sarah & Jaime had play were outstanding!  If you are looking for a wedding band that can cover today’s top dance hits, look no further than Starlight Orchestras’ Rebecca Blake Band… I started the day shooting Sarah’s amazing Badgley Mischka gown and shoes, which she put on after having her hair and makeup done by Dieci Hair Salon’s expert stylists.  We went out and met the anxious groom out in the adjoining park for the first look.  After a quick round of couple portraits we went back in to join up with the wedding party, who were dressed and ready for a group picture or two out by the golf course… then came family pictures in front of the beautiful floral Chuppah, prepared by Atlas Floral, followed by the traditional Ketubah signing– theirs was a custom piece created by New World Ketubah. The ceremony was followed by a lively cocktail hour complete with a iced-vodka-shot station, fresh oysters, and other goodies… My favorite part of the evening had to be during the toasts– there were some very touching moments at this wedding and I was so glad to be there to shoot it all!  Congratulations, Sarah & Jaime!

Protected: Devin & Mike’s West Village Engagement Portrait Session
May 30, 2012, 4:33 am
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Lauren & Rich: Engagement Portraits in DUMBO, Brooklyn
May 27, 2012, 4:25 am
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Lauren and Rich are getting married this July at Liberty House just across the river from Manhattan in New Jersey. It’s such a neat spot, I am super eager to shoot those sunset and night portraits of them with the skyline in the background! For their engagement portraits they settled on the DUMBO area, which offers the opposing skyline and bridge views from Brooklyn, where they live.  Lauren, who’s a visual artist herself, smartly wore a vibrant green dress with the most perfect yellow necklace, adding just a gorgeous pop of color for the images… I’m really pleased with the results– check out my favorites!

Kaitlin & Steve’s Wedding at Housing Works Bookstore in SOHO
May 25, 2012, 2:51 am
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Kaitlin & Steve wanted a unique wedding– in short, they wanted to do it their own way and not be bothered by tradition or expectations.  They were delighted to book the Housing Works Bookstore in SOHO for their May wedding, and planned a sweet and personal ceremony that would be officiated by Steve’s friend Jules, who honored them later with a toast he delivered in multiple languages so that Steve’s family from abroad would be able to more easily understand. I met them a few hours beforehand and we did a round of portraits up by NYU where they met in college, and in Washington Square Park, which was meaningful to them.  We just happened to come across the piano player (only in New York will you find someone with the gumption to get his baby grand out into Washington Square Park just to play for tips) and I couldn’t resist having them practice their first dance for a few shots as he played.  We hopped in a cab and headed back down to Housing Works Bookstore where we shot all the family pictures before guests arrived.  The schedule of the evening was unique too– Kaitlin changed into a pretty blue dress and guests arrived in time for a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, which was followed by the ceremony, and a set of amazing toasts– the most noteworthy of which included an original song written and performed by the Groom’s father– how sweet!  How else was this wedding unique?  Well not only did they write their own vows (which is common these days)– but they each wrote the vows that their partner would make to them.  Pretty cool approach if you ask me!  Though no doubt this could be tricky to negotiate, they seemed to come up with some really smart and solid promises.  Their friend King Jang sang and played guitar for them at one point during the ceremony, and it was especially moving to see him sound so amazing after hearing that he’d been nervous to perform!  I was delighted to be a part of this special couple’s day.  Congratulations, Kaitlin & Steve!

Credits:  Rings from Tiffany, Bride’s hair by Michelina Albero, Flowers by Tony Montano, Catering at Housing Works Bookstore by The Works Catering, Event Design by Amanda O’Callaghan, DJ’ing by Jon Black of Scratch Weddings, and favors from Godiva.

Lindsey & Brad’s Engagement Session
May 21, 2012, 3:10 am
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Lindsey contacted me not long ago hoping to book an engagement portrait session with her fiance, Brad, before their wedding in June upstate. I mostly shoot engagement sessions with couples I book weddings with, but if you are getting married far away but want to capture yourselves here in the city please know I do them “a la carte” as well as part of wedding collections. So don’t hesitate to get in touch. Lindsey & Brad live just off Canal Street over a cute little footbridge that separates the west side where they live from the more heavily trafficked area near the subways. We shot around their neighborhood and ended up by the river just in time for sundown. Check out my favorites!

Stephen & Jessica’s Engagement Portraits: West side & High Line Park
May 19, 2012, 3:47 pm
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Stephen & Jess are getting married this August at the ever-beautiful Palm House at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I can hardly wait to see Jess all bride’d up, she’s such a gorgeous gal, Stephen is one lucky duck I must say. She’s a published author too, check out her book! For their engagement session we wanted to capture a bit of manhattan and of course the High Line Park is a favorite destination for many couples- that place is just so pretty and romantic to walk, if you haven’t been there find a time you can stroll the length of it with a significant other (or a friend!)– it’s not to be missed. Of course it is windy, and narrow… and sometimes crowded, so as a photography location it’s got it’s pros and cons of course. But with a little patience and careful background selection I like to think it’s totally doable! You be the judge– aren’t these two just sweet as can be? Here are my favorites…

Alison & Peter’s NYC Wedding: St. Luke in the Fields & Bridgewater’s at South Street Seaport…
May 16, 2012, 4:59 am
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Alison & Peter had gorgeous weather for their whirlwind of a wedding day– we took photos everywhere from their amazing rooftop with cityscape views to a fun local bar around the corner to the garden at the church they got married in, the lovely St. Luke in The Fields, and finally a few shots down in the South Street Seaport before heading to the evening reception.  I started in their apartment where Alison was getting ready (hair by Jackson, makeup by Lara DiPietro) while my 2nd shooter, Zack, hung out with the fellas, who were having a drink and later playing some pool while they waited for us.  Meanwhile I enjoyed making use of their unique decor in staging my still life images of the rings (see the alligator head below?  yeah!)  After putting on her gown by Lea Ann Belter, we headed out to meet Peter for their first look in the garden next to the church.  After a round of couple portraits I took care of the family group portraits and then took the wedding party back across the street to Barrow’s Pub for a fun shot around the pool table!  It was dark in there and I was thrilled that we got a few shots where everyone was looking and smiling and not blinking in the minutes we had to spare.  Alison & Peter hired an adorable Trolley to take the wedding party across town to the South Street Seaport for their reception at Bridgewaters.  If you are looking for a wedding band, look no further than Dexter Lake Club Band!  I don’t even know how to explain their skills.  This was not your typical wedding band, friends, this is a special group of musicians that has clearly found their calling inspiring guests of all ages to dance their asses off at weddings.  And dance they did!  A larger-scale wedding, these folks were no slouches– just about everyone was out on the floor at some point I think.  The reception was beautifully decorated with flowers and hanging candles by Maria of Pristine Events.   Their red velvet wedding cake (by Bridgewaters) was festooned with a winding trail of beautiful purple orchids also from the florist.  To cap off the night as they exited Bridgewaters guests were offered hot dogs and a copy of the Sunday New York Times on their way out.  What do we find in the wedding announcements section of said Times?  Why a sweet photo of Alison and Peter (by yours truly of course!).

Watch it nice and big on Vimeo!


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