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Pepper’s Pinups
February 21, 2008, 11:41 pm
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Pepper wanted to shoot some fun pinup-style images for her portfolio (*and for her boyfriend, let’s not forget him!) so we got creative in my studio, using mostly a black velvet background and her costume selections, but also I threw in a few sheer 1950’s floral curtains for fun.  I had a blast processing these as I just made the switch to Lightroom and am now enthralled with the possibilities enabled by develop module preset creation. (photographers know what i mean, sorry for the gobbledygook everyone else).  Here are a few favorites from my shoot with Pepper.  She’s recently engaged so perhaps you’ll see her here in a wedding dress in another year!  Ladies, contact me if you’d like a session to create a private gift-book for your hubby or boyfriend, ready in time for valentines day…




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