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Glassblowing Studio in Williamsburg
March 25, 2008, 4:43 am
Filed under: Documentary Projects

Recently I got the opportunity to do a portfolio shoot for Amber Cowan, a glass artist here in Williamsburg– while at her studio where she works at 160 Glass (they teach glassblowing classes and workshops by the way, for anyone who may be interested!), and I met Michiko Sakano, and just out of curiousity about glassblowing I asked if I could shoot them at work in the studio. First of all, it is SO HOT in there, i could barely stand to be near those furnaces… and I was amazed at how physical, delicate, and time-consuming the glassblowing process was. Now I understand why those fancy hand-blown glass vases you buy as a wedding gift cost so much! And I’m shocked by how cheap things are at Pier 1!! Take a look… glassblowing has to be done with a partner, so Amber and Michiko helped eachother out for my shoot. Michiko (below) even gave me the finished vase (decantur, she called it!) and it is lovely, i must say.







Above, Michiko in her personal studio room– she makes the most amazing custom lamps/lighting. Below, Amber Cowan shows me her process…








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