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Fun with Flower Girls at Michael and Natalie’s Wedding
June 12, 2009, 7:46 am
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Sometimes I think my love of weddings really started when i was (6? 8 years old?) a flower-girl in an uncle’s wedding… It was so exciting and everything about it made me feel special. When I shoot weddings I often get a real kick out of shooting fun pictures of the kids enjoying themselves but rarely have I had a wedding with SO many little girls having so much fun! There were only 4 (!) flower girls at Michael and Natalie’s wedding last weekend but it felt like twice as many, they had so much energy! Anyway, I loved so many shots of them I figured I’d devote a blogpost to a set of just these images. A mini-photoessay of sorts, presented in black and white for continuity. Enjoy!01FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyEarly Arrival

02FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyI need to scratch my eye…

03FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyPractice makes perfect…

04FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyWaiting for the ceremony.

05FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyPutting their feet up.

06FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyAfter the ceremony.

07FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyWonderful job, girls.

08FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographySay cheese.

09FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyReady for action.

10FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyLook at my bubbles!

11FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyNice view.

12FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyFirst Dance.

15FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyThis one goes out to all the flowergirls out there.



13FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyWhy is everyone on the terrace?

17FunWithFlowerGirls_bySarahTewPhotographyTag!  You’re it!

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