Sarah Tew Photography

Supermarket Parking Lot
December 23, 2009, 8:41 pm
Filed under: Documentary Projects, Fine Art Photography, Personal

This is a short series I produced while on Thankgiving break… On the way from picking us up at the Philadelphia station, my mother-in-law needed to stop and pick up a few things for the big feast… It was a beautifully foggy night and I knew as soon as we pulled into the parking lot that I would much prefer to walk around outside and make some photographs rather than go in and browse the tofurkey selections!  This is one of those monstrous new supermarkets that sits in the middle of a pre-planned shopping center designed to create the illusion of an actual town– complete with sidewalks, fake phonebooths and benches,etc.  The supermarket is gigantic– wide-aisled, etc.. and the only part of the ‘village’ that is complete.  I would have liked to go back during the day and photograph the rest of the complex in mid-construction but of course we were only there for thanksgiving and there was no time for such shenanigans.  Perhaps over the Christmas break i will have an opportunity to shoot the rest of this place– though i would be suprised if i didn’t get kicked out just for taking pictures.  It is, after all, private property — though it is masquerading as ‘public space’.

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