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Jim & Kate’s Excellent Adventure…
February 15, 2011, 8:29 pm
Filed under: Engagement Portraits, Weddings

Jim & Kate live in the great state of Pennsylvania, where they’ll be getting married in April– I’m looking forward to their wedding! I wasn’t sure where we’d do their engagement session but then she mentioned the possibility of visiting The Museum of Natural History here in NYC.  Kate is a doctor and Jim is an engineer, so the science stuff was right up their alley, and as you can probably imagine, I was tickled by the idea…  photography is allowed inside asl long as you’re not using a tripod or off camera lighting, but if we were to be stopped or hassled there was always central park outside, so it wasn’t a huge risk. I’m managed to create some nice shots despite the tricky lighting situations (that museum is DARK with a capital D), though as a rule I would never voluntarily use on-camera flash as a main light source for portraiture. I led us on a quick walk through central park after our jaunt through the museum, and after the challenges of the museum it was very nice to be back in my element. I’m grateful to Jim & Kate for their willingness to experiment and do some silly stuff in the museum with me and I hope they got a kick out their shoot in the city!

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