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Jane’s Addiction
June 9, 2011, 12:32 pm
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So this week i’m in LA shooting at E3 for CBS Interactive (for slideshow content and press conference live-blogging photo contribution). Once in a while I get sent out to do an expos like this, it’s generally pretty tiring and stressful (though not like wedding stress, a totally different animal.. i never, for example, shed happy tears during the peaks of a press conference!), as it involves walking around looking for and shooting a lot of things off lists for hours navigating a hectic show floor with crowds of people, all of whom are busy oggling things and not looking where they’re going and wandering slowly with bulky backpacks on. This show is no exception. Monday kicked it off with a series of press conferences, all in different locations around LA…  the driving between was the worst.  They are not kidding about traffic here.  It sucks.  The last “presser.” hosted by Sony, was by far the most fun however, as there were food trucks and an open bar when we walked in and waited to be let into the venue, and then as a surprise concert after the press conference… who played? Jane’s Addiction! I got tipped off that it would be them by one of my colleages and sure enough I went down to look at the setlist on stage and it was definitely them.   Now, granted, it’s been a long time since i put on one of their (the two first ones anyway) records, but I was into their music back in the day enough to be pretty psyched to see them perform — I never did when I was young. Being an audience of press and photographers / videographers, the front row was littered with pros weilding cameras. It was a funny thing to be up there, all of us shooting like crazy, and Perry Farrell, obvious maniac that he is, ate up every ounce of the attention. The band played a nice set that included some of my favorites, Three Days, Jane Says, and Mountain Song, Stop, and of course they did play the single that MTV loved to play, Been Caught Stealin’.   Apparently they are putting out a new album so they played a song off that too (it was Meh)… who knew.

Now, i must tell you that Dave Navarro was pretty fun to watch. He sort of looks photoshopped in a funny way. Like, the guy must be on human growth hormone or something, i mean, isn’t he like almost 50? And yet… he appears to be 25 still some how. Check it out.

Ummm, yeah, they had some pseudo-strippers come out and dance seductively with gags in their mouths during the set.  Unnecessary if you ask me but the crowd loved it.  Target audience?  Male journalists who write about video games for a living 🙂

Alice and Cesare: Musical Duo
May 4, 2010, 10:18 pm
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Alice and Cesare are classical musicians embarking on some projects in performing together and wanted to have some promotional portraits done. We shot in and around Madison Square Park last week– here are my favorites!   They’ll be playing at THE TANK sometime in June I beleive…

Tim White Productions: Studio Interiors and Equipment

Tim White got back in touch with me recently to have some interiors and detail shots done for his website that would show off his music production studio. This was such a neat project for me because I love doing closeups of interesting stuff like this– music equipment is fascinating to me and of course I really enjoyed putting some funky processing on the photos to go with the vibe… I am hoping he won’t mind if i take a stab at making him a short slideshow of set to his music that I can put on youtube as a mini-advertisement that will offer a link back to his website at the end. This could be a good way of flowing some traffic to his site, and every little bit helps when you are in a creative business like photography or music!  Here are a handful of favorites.

The New Jerk Times, location shoot…
February 7, 2010, 9:41 pm
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Met up to shoot more promotional stills for Michael Leviton’s newest band, The New Jerk Times. We had several ideas to work with in his apartment and also shot outside on his fire escape and then at an adorable yet overpriced diner uptown (though sadly they did not have the old-fashioned shaped milkshake glass as we had hoped!) Here are a few favorites…i love this one… my only regret is that we didn’t take out the A/C from the window… but seriously, too much hassle!  i suppose i could photoshop it out if i was really intent on fixing that, but my eye goes from his face to his reflection to the book/records/pipe area and back in a triangle so it doesn’t seem to be too distracting.

M wasn’t so sure about the foot/size/angle effect, but i kind of like it… it’s clear that this is shot from below so I don’t think it creates any confusion for the viewer that his feet are larger than normal in the foreground here.  Always curious for visitor reactions!

Album cover shoot for Christina B
January 25, 2010, 5:10 am
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Last weekend I shot a set of publicity images with up and coming songstress Christina B for her upcoming album release. The title will be “the spins” and though it is not available yet you can hear some of her other music on her myspace page and download her previous EP here on her website. I really like her music so it was a thrill to shoot with her in my studio.  During our shoot we utilized a mini trampoline, a long strip of gold foil/wrap, and my fantastic little bubble machine! This shoot was logs of fun and I love what we got. Check out my favorites below.

Subway musician… great.
January 24, 2010, 8:40 pm
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Unfortunately this musician did not have any sign saying his name and was not selling cd’s or anything… not even a postcard there to take with his myspace page.  He was playing violin and singing (simultaneously! not an easy feat!) on the L train platform at bedford ave last night.  I don’t know how to describe the music but it was quite good.  I hope I see him playing again somewhere.

Michael Leviton, The New Jerk Times
December 15, 2009, 11:26 pm
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This weekend I shot with Michael Leviton, of The New Jerk Times— a band that is just about to record and perhaps release a record (or a series of singles more likely).   See one of their songs here. I’ve shot Michael on a number of occasions but this time I got some of my favorite images of him. Check out my favorites below:

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